Mobility and Security Spark Innovation in File Sharing Today, But What Else Tomorrow?

History keenly documents how the industrial age push for productivity eventually led to an innovative electric light bulb. That contained energy, in turn, vastly impacted how people worked, lived, traveled, and experienced our world.

ImageI don’t think it’s a far stretch today to look at work and personal lifestyle pressures that are prompting innovation in our content management space. Two trends in particular are at the forefront of our new Syncplicity release today – Enabling Mobile File Sharing and Protecting the Mobile, Enabled Users.

1. Enabling Mobile File Sharing

The power, storage capabilities, and screen style of mobile devices has not only changed how people share content, but has catalyzed their motivation to share it. When it’s intuitive and touch enabled to share files with colleagues, the odds quickly improve to do it more often. As we’ve seen with the skyrocketing number and usage of consumer apps, offering a compelling, highly functional and well-designed interface builds volumes of users.

Coming at mobility from a content management lens, the average worker today owns about 3-7 devices and constantly interacts with unstructured data, especially Office files. Mobility to them means intense travel schedules, a mix between personal and commercial on the same device, and time pressures forcing the need for significant productivity. They have little time to respect process, policy, or seemingly “intrusive” security controls.

These dimensions of mobility have sparked innovation in our Syncplicity design principle.

Make file sharing a simple, productive, and enhanced experience that makes users want to use it again and again. Use a cloud-delivery model to keep features comparable, if not better than, innovations in consumer apps, to ensure users consistently use it over time. And keep adding capabilities to shave off user time, worry, or frustration.

But mobility cannot be viewed as a stand-alone pressure, else security risks will elevate together with usage. Just like electricity eventually spawned the need for circuit breakers that prevented fires, a powerful file sharing solution needs to address security concerns as well.

2. Protecting the Mobile, Enabled Users

While the free flow of files may thrill and delight end users, it may also alarm and disturb those charged with protecting an organization. Files may contain sensitive information provoking legal action, intellectual property, internal process instructions that can be exploited, and many other truly harmful types of content if fallen into the wrong hands.

Spark_Launch GuyTogether with innovation for mobile users, the latest Syncplicity release equally builds in several powerful security capabilities for IT professionals. Set policy across files. Graduate the levels of protection based on the user’s geography, profile, or other parameters. Choose whether data resides in the cloud, in your private network, or in a hybrid environment.

Thanks to the intuitive design that attracts users, IT can also set security policy across a single solution that’s happily and voluntarily used by the majority of stakeholders. Finally, user convenience is not at the expense of compliance, and security in fact enhances productivity rather than detracting from it.

What’s Next?

As I look at these two formerly opposing trends and see how we’ve woven innovation together to address them, I also think about what’s next. Now that users can safely share files around the world, will they create more of them? Now that we have the broadest and safest levels of reach for content, will global knowledge and productivity rates rise? Once users get a taste of “awesome” secure apps in their enterprise, will that pressure HR benefit tools, Sales tools and other enterprise apps to improve as well?

I welcome your comments on what impact Syncplicity innovations might have on your organization and your ecosystems of vendors, partners, and customers. Please share your thoughts below.

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