3 Critical Areas to be an Enterprise Worthy Software Company

Megatrends like Social, Big Data, Cloud and mobile are driving fundamental shifts in the business in this Post PC era.  One of those shifts is around the consumerization of IT where the user is in control of the devices and the applications they use to be more productive.  User experience is of paramount importance and the message is clear.  Users will not put up with complex user interfaces and find alternatives to enhance productivity by self-provisioning apps in the cloud.  As I’ve said before, a software company cannot be successful unless they minimize friction in the user experience.  The user gene must be developed in every software organization.

However, IT still remains a critical constituency within an organization.  Many that started from the consumer side of the house like Google have had some hiccups in catering to the CIO.  Three key areas must be evaluated closely when a software vendor claims to serve the enterprise.  They are around how a software company provides support for the enterprise, how a software company builds products for the user, but keeping in mind enterprise requirements, and how a software company enables an ecosystem of services, education and training for an enterprise.  What I thought would be valuable is for some of the leaders in EMC to discuss how they think of these very serious enterprise needs.  I’ve asked Mike Montoya, our head of support, Rohit Ghai, our head of products, and John O’Melia, our head of services to impart some wisdom on each of these areas on what it takes to effectively serve an enterprise while still ensuring that the user is who the software is designed for.

Hope you enjoy the 3 blogs that each of these very talented individuals have been kind enough to contribute to my blog.

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2 Comments on “3 Critical Areas to be an Enterprise Worthy Software Company”

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  2. Tim Wirth Says:

    Your points are absolutely correct. You are spot on about what is needed to be an Enterprise Software company. The question is: “Do you still want to be an Enterprise Software company”? Can you insure your customers about the lack of knowledge risk? Enterprise customers now want to reduce their risk and appreciate immediate ROI that can impact (positively) their revenues or there costs within 12 months. To do this, you need deployment projects that last 2-8 weeks and first tangible results from production deployment within 6-9 months. Transformational impact such as the ones I outlined above cannot be reached with Enterprise Software but only by Solutions engineered and delivered by true SaaS platforms. What do I mean by that: (1) Product lifecycle is truely SaaS and releases a new version used by all customers every week or month, (2) Customers are part of the product lifecycle and feed product management with regular feedbacks and (3) the applicactions are always available.

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