More Insider Tips from Momentum Berlin

We’re less than a week away from the start of the conference, so I checked in with a few other familiar faces on strategies to consider for maximizing your time at momentum…

David LeStrat – @dlestrat

  • Attend other peer customers sessions and interact with your peers. You will bring back the best practices that will help you deliver the most value to your business
  • Talk to IIG executives and product leads and bring back a wealth of insider information to help with your internal technology roadmap and planning
  • Visit the demo pavilions, attend the hands-on labs. Get hands on experience with IIG products
  • Leverage the social events, they are a great way to network while having a good time

Andrew Chapman –  @Chapmaa

Three words…”Don’t be shy”. Arrange meetings with the execs and product teams, approach the presenters after the sessions with questions, sit down with people you don’t know for meals, strike up conversations with people around you. The sessions rock but the casual conversations you have with staff and attendees are where you’ll learn the real gems.

I was going to say something about talking to the person standing next to you at the urinal but until that court injunction expires I think that I’ll leave that one…

Matt Coblentz –  @mcoblentz

Use EMC Momentum to network, network, network: use your account team to help you schedule meetings with product leads and executives about your solution needs and find other customers doing the same thing.

Jeroen VanRotterdam – @Jvanrotterdam

  • EMC Momentum is your chance to talk to executives and lead engineers and product managers. Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss your use cases and/or requirements for our products and strategy.
  • Bring handcuffs to EMC Momentum and chain yourself to the EMC IIG Executives and Product leads. This is your change to directly discuss your requirements and influence our long term strategy.
  • Don’t miss the new search capabilities presented by Ed Bueche in the xPlore sessions. It will change the way you experience content.
  • EMC Momentum is all about interaction, make sure you actively engage with EMC IIG Executives and Product leads as well as other customers to get the most out of Momentum

Hope this was helpful, please share any tips you may have!  See you in Berlin!

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