Advice to Maximize Your Time at Momentum Berlin

Everyone here at the Information Intelligence Group is heads down preparing to deliver another great Momentum experience for our customers and partners.

Although I’ve attended many Momentums over the years, last year in Lisbon was my first as an EMC/IIG executive, and I have to tell you, it was incredibly different hosting the event as opposed to just attending. As a result of that experience, I gained enough knowledge to give you some practical advice to maximize your time at Momentum Berlin…

Someone else is famous for a top ten list, so I’ll just give you five:

5.  Bring your comfortable shoes for walking the exhibition floor. We’ll have 20 exhibitors showcasing their technologies, and our IIG booth will have something for everyone.

Our focus on solutions will be in full-effect with stations dedicated to Healthcare, Financial Services, Public Sector, Energy, and our Consulting Services team. Members of our product teams will be there to show you demos, answer your questions and introduce technologies.

4.  The keynotes and the plenary sessions will rock…again. I’m guaranteeing it. Rick Devenuti, our president, will outline the IIG strategy and vision, and Rohit and I will discuss the Innovation Agenda

3.  Take advantage of the secret world of Twitter – share excitement, dispel rumors…or start your own.  Whether at the conference or at your computer, follow the conversation around #MMTM11. I also hear the social media team will be giving away an iPad at their booth.

2.  Don’t even think of skipping the Momentum party.  It will be held at Ewerk, Germany’s oldest preserved commercial power plant.

1.  The final insider tip?  Did you miss early registration?  You can ask for a discount code via social media channels and you will receive  a code through a private message.  Your options:

So there you have it. If you’re a Momentum veteran, do you have any advice for newbies? In a subsequent post, I’ll provide tips from other IIG faces, so stay tuned…

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2 Comments on “Advice to Maximize Your Time at Momentum Berlin”

  1. Jed Spink Says:

    Jeetu – is #MMTM11 or #MMTM going to be the official hashtag this year? Want to get my Twittering correct 🙂


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